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Elidor Metaverse

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Elidor, one of Unilever Turkey's leading Beauty & Personal Care brands, has launched multiple projects focusing on #positivebeauty and woman empowerment. As a sequel to their #DedimOlabilir campaign, the brand wanted to increase its reach and create social awareness in its community with a new initiative called #DedikOlabilir. The project brought renowned NGOs and one of the largest retail groups in Turkey together.

The initiative's primary purpose was to support young women's dreams of higher education while providing an encouraging voice for all women in Turkey to overcome challenges standing in the way of their dreams. As RealWorks, we blazed a trail by working on web 3.0-oriented tasks, including metaverse field design, NFT design, and 3D asset modeling in order to launch the event in the Metaverse. Correspondingly, we have created a digital communication plan that fits the goals of the project. =======

For the continuation of the #DedimOlabilir campaign of Elidor, one of Unilever Turkey's leading Beauty and Personal Care brands, we managed the Web3.0 leg of the launch event planned to support young women's dreams of higher education by bringing together well-known NGOs and one of Turkey's largest retail groups.

For the launch of the event in the Metaverse, we broke new ground with web 3.0-focused work such as metaverse area design, NFT design and 3D asset modelling, and in parallel, we created a digital communication plan in line with the goals of the project. >>>>>>> b0188e318772f1a0469ae931fc6baca9d89e6aa4

Creative Solution

RealWorks' contribution to the project consisted of creating the brand’s own Metaverse venue and an end-to-end digital communication strategy that will emphasize the innovative thinking behind this initiative.

We started by designing key visuals that delivered upon the look and feel of the metaverse, which became an integral part of establishing the foundations of the project. Later, we developed the metaverse space for the “Elidor Evreni” along with the 3D assets such as the stage, signs, seats, and decorations. We then started designing, producing and minting the NFTs, integrating the 3D NFT models into the metaverse space as the project progressed.

As part of the pre-launch communication plan, we designed and produced Instagram AR filters and WhatsApp stickers and created social media posts for both announcing the launch and building talkability about the motivation behind the initiative.

As the next step, we finalized the front and back-end development of the event website, including application forms for influencers and the press and a countdown with the live stream link embedded into it.

On the day of the launch, as well as in influencer and press launches, participants got to experience the release of the Elidor x Boyner Dedik Olabilir Collection, a live performance by singer Nova Norda, meaningful interactions with brand representatives, and an NFT exhibition in an entirely new and digital environment.

RealWorks took on the task of live broadcasting via. YouTube during these launches, as well as moderating the metaverse ecosystem and its users.

• Creating KVs that reflected the aesthetic of the metaverse,

• Designing and producing Instagram AR Filters and WhatsApp stickers before the launch date,

• Developing 3D models for the “Elidor Evreni” meta space,

• Design of a lounge, exhibition space, and concert venue for the metaverse of "Elidor Universe"

• Production of trailer social media posts for the “Elidor Evreni” metaverse launch,

• Carrying out the front and back-end development of the launch website,

• Designing, producing, and minting NFTs for the “Dedik Olabilir” NFT collection

• Integration of the NFTs into the metaverse

• Moderation of the meta space and users during the launch

• Branded live streaming of the event via. YouTube