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"BAU App” is a mobile application used by thousands of students at Bahçeşehir University which includes features such as course scheduling, activity calendar and shuttle tracking. The app needed to be redesigned in accordance with the latest design trends, by enhancing the user experience and introducing new features.

Creative Solution

We’ve created a brand new application for Bahçeşehir University that greatly improves the user experience by emphasizing basic interactions, speed, and easier navigation. We updated the unfriendly interface, which was the most problematic aspect of the previous application, in order to be compliant with today's design standards. During this process, we purged the application of unwanted functions and relocated the most frequently used functions to more accessible spots. We made the old app's inconsistent design and typography styles communicate a common language throughout. We tested several flows and collected user experience data. We iterated on successful designs and replaced those that didn't.