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Unilever 8 March International Women's Day Projects


Unilever Turkey wanted to celebrate International Women's Day on March 8 by announcing the efforts it made throughout the year in the scope of Diversity & Inclusion agendas, both internally as part of the company culture and externally with a striking display on social media as part of its corporate communication.

We combined Unilever's #Unstereotype message and brand stance in a creative script with a powerful storyline. Throughout the week, various dimensions of the video were exhibited on LCD displays at Unilever Turkey offices, generating a lot of interest among employees.


For Unilever Turkey's International Women’s Day communication campaign in 2021, we organized two separate live broadcast events for both internal and corporate communication. We came together with Unilever employees and under the moderation of Mustafa Seçkin, Executive Vice President Turkey, Central Asia and Iran, we conducted a live broadcast featuring Unilever's women leaders and their inspiring stories.

Harvard Business Review Turkey Editor-in-Chief Serdar Turan moderated the live broadcast titled "Being a Woman in a Pandemic" on Unilever Turkey's YouTube account for a wider target audience as part of the external communication campaign. The broadcast addressed the meaningful steps taken by Unilever for women's empowerment and the effects of the pandemic crisis on gender equality while listening to the inspiring stories of Unilever's women leaders.

The event's ongoing communication continued throughout the week with a variety of video content that we created by editing the most impactful messages from the live broadcast footage.