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Unilever Turkey Employer Branding

Unilever Turkey's Employer Brand collaborated with RealWorks to develop a unique digital communication strategy that sets the brand apart from its competitors while infusing its digital assets with a youthful and vibrant perspective.

A method of conducting business where creative teams gather under one roof was required in order to build a strong employer brand and achieve sustained success

Creative Solution

• We created a vibrant, youthful visual world with an exclusive Unilever Employer Brand language.

• We utilized different content types like animated videos enriched with different motion graphics.

• We've created content strategies that reflect the brand's identity while also catering to the demands of a younger audience.

• By evaluating the unique needs of each medium, we produced special concepts for Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and Facebook platforms and carried out a cross-platform work.

• We built an active and two-way communication network between the brand and its target audience by providing 24/7 Moderation support.

• We were able to connect the brand with its target audience using data-driven targeting and advanced advertising models, resulting in a 62% increase in the current audience.

• Unilever Careers Turkey ranked first out of 52 social media career accounts.

A First at Unilever: Dijital Onboarding

Acting with the insight that a strong orientation process should take place in the first step of a positive employee experience, we designed an end-to-end comprehensive digital experience specific to the Unilever Leadership Internship Program Onboarding event, which will be held online for the first time in 2020. With our digital experience and technological infrastructure, we are happy to be a partner in the first steps taken by young leaders in their careers.