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Berlin International University of Applied Sciences

As a university of applied sciences, Berlin International wanted to make its applied academic approach featured & the international ecosystem heard by students all over the world and increase their brand awareness. For this, an effective digital marketing strategy and assets that would strengthen their social media presence were needed.

Creative Solution

We have developed an integrated digital strategy for the Berlin International brand, where we will build meaningful connections with the current and prospective student community on social media platforms.

At the beginning of each term, we updated our visual archive consisting of drone footage, student testimonials, faculty presentations, campus tours, photos and videos, and produced content that follows & sets the trends.

We created the university's living atmosphere on the brand's social media platforms by translating this visual archive into motion and graphic designs, high-quality video content, and unique social media assets. This strategy quickly engaged the community and sparked an ongoing dialogue between existing and prospective students.

• We've renovated the visual language of the brand by adding an energetic perspective, grasping the young feel of our target audience.

• Using the latest technologies in our video production efforts, we've increased the content focusing on the life at Berlin International, creating a "living feed" on socials with drone shots, testimonials, campus tours, etc.

• The social media community has grown from 1.325 followers to 4.711 followers in 12 months.

• The impressions with current & prospective students went beyond 4M+.

• The total growth of the socials in one year was %149.02.

• As a result, the university's student quotas continue to be filled by almost 100% each semester.