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Unilever wanted to communicate to all its stakeholders, employees, and customers the goals it set ten years ago under the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan and its three main categories, announced in 2010, along with the progress the company has made toward these goals through the USLP 10th Anniversary Communication.

As RealWorks, we created a digital strategy for the USLP 10th Anniversary communication. In line with this strategy, we determined the channels we would use in the communication and provided services such as animated videos, content design, interactive video production and copywriting, and continued the 10th anniversary communication by designing content specific to each channel.

Digital Strategy Development
Content Design
Animated Video Creation
YouTube Interactive Video Creation

Creative Solution

We started with creating an end-to-end digital strategy for the USLP 10th Anniversary communication.
We identified the channels we'll engage for communication and produced content tailored to each medium in accordance with this approach.
For Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, we created animated video content.
While summarizing the USLP's general mission and the level it has reached with one primary video, we created three sub-videos for every three key categories that explain the objectives achieved in greater depth. By making these videos interactive on YouTube, we were able to create a responsive experience.
With the series we designed for Instagram Stories, we revealed the projects completed over the last ten years in better detail. These content types provided a large amount of traffic to the USLP article on Unilever's corporate website.
We have also created another channel-specific version of the video for LinkedIn that Unilever leaders and employees can easily share with their network.